Model 2326QC Twin Pac


Portable Starting Unit Model 2326QC Twin Pac

This powerful portable 26 volt aircraft starter unit is a full 26VDC battery Twin Pac and will provide superior starts on all electrically-started turbine engines. This versatile Twin Pac can be used as a single unit or separated for two complete units that can be easily carried on board different aircraft. The 2326QC Twin Pac has redundant chargers with a total of 14 amps output and a recharge time of approximately four hours from being depleted.
This unit is designed for engine starting only.
NOTE: When storing the Start Pac® for more than 30 days, remove the battery box from the charging unit and store separately.

  • 52 AMP hours @ 10 Hour Rate
  • 2800 AMPS Peak Current
  • Twin Pac trolley included
  • “Y” connector included
  • 154 LBS. / 70 Kilograms Complete
  • Not to be used as an aircraft battery charger

All Start Pac™ products come with a 1-year warranty on workmanship and materials. Batteries are cycle-dependent and therefore are not covered under this warranty.