Start Pac® One™

Lithium Portable Starting Unit Start Pac® One
  • Lithium Portable Starting Unit Start Pac® One™

*The USDOT has revised its testing requirement standards for all lithium products and to be compliant, we are currently adding more upgraded features to reconduct the required testing. We anticipate the release of the upgraded design in 2017.

The new Patent Pending START PAC® ONE™ is the smallest and lightest emergency 28V aircraft jump starter in the world. At an incredible weight of just 7 lbs. it is the only choice for emergency starting in urgent situations and isolated locations. The ONE is designed for piston and small to medium turbine engines as well as aircraft with over-voltage protection sensitivity. The START PAC® ONE™ comes with a battery charger, charging bag, and ballistic nylon carrying case. Please review the Specifications and safety tabs for more details.

  • 28V and suitable for over-voltage sensitive aircraft
  • 10 amp hours
  • 1500 AMPS Peak Current
  • LED Voltmeter
  • 7 lbs./3.18 kg
  • L 15 3/4” x W 3.75” x D 2 1/2”
  • Not to be used as an aircraft battery charger.

Always store the ONE in a semi-discharged state at a voltage range of 26.6V—27.2V to protect the battery, storing the battery with a full charge causes cell damage.

All Start Pac™ products come with a 1-year warranty on workmanship and materials. Batteries are cycle-dependent and therefore are not covered under this warranty.

  1. Unit should never be stored with a full charge. Always store the unit at a voltage range of 26.6V-27.3V.
  2. Not for use on Garrett or TPE331 engines.
  3. Do not expose the unit to extreme hot or cold temperatures, room temperature is best.
  4. Always recharge in the provided charging bag.
  5. Only use the provided START PAC One Charger when recharging.
  6. Do not recharge in the aircraft.
  7. Not designed for battery charging or avionics.
  8. Never use for more than two engine starts.
  9. Always disconnect the charger from the START PAC ONE when it’s fully charged.