jump start batteries for large haulage trucks lorries

High Power Jump Starting Batteries for Long Haul Trucks and Buses

Maintaining a reliable power supply is crucial, especially if it’s pivotal to your business’ success running trucks or buses.  Fail at this and you run the risk of losing business.  Picture this: your truck doesn’t start on the morning of a mission critical haulage project.  Now imagine that it doesn’t start, but you have a START PAC® starting unit.

Our solutions have been tried and tested in the field by haulage, logistics and public transport companies the world over.  Simply plug in your START PAC® starting unit and keep your world moving.  Sometimes your truck won’t start, but this should never mean that your business has to stop.

Portable Starting Units

START PAC® will provide you with the jump starting solution you need.

START PAC Aircraft Power Supply Batter 24v
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