START PAC’s President Ms Eve Storm – featured in Vegas Magazine

As president and CEO of START PAC, Eve Storm is carrying on the legacy of her family’s business, first established in 1997. As the world’s leading manufacturer of ground power units, portable starting units and power supplies, START Pac was originally created for aircraft before expanding its product line into the locomotive and heavy machinery industries. Today, the family-owned, Las Vegas based company has a global reach with 22,000 customers across the aviation, locomotive, military and mining industries in more than 130 countries. “I truly love going into the office every day. I have the best team and we get along like family,” says Storm. “I also love working closely with customers to make sure they get the best service possible and the absolute best ground support equipment on the market.” Read more on the links below…

Customer Review – King Aviation, Las Vegas USA

Cash Traylor, Director of Aviation I am writing to express my appreciation for the extra mile that Start-Pac, and your engineer “Jim,” went in solving the GPU requirements of our flight department. We recently acquired an Embraer Praetor 500, and rapidly became aware of Embraer’s voltage sensitivities. We wanted a solution for in-hangar support (running the APU indoors is frowned upon) for servicing the avionics in this “flying computer.” We had a unique requirement, we wanted a portable (light weight) GPU that could supply the required power. We only needed about 150 amps continuous, however the aircraft has a surge of over 350 amps for a short time while the nicads top up and stabilize. Unlike many other aircraft, there is no way to (easily) leave some systems off during power-up (no avionics switch). During power up the voltage must not go above 29.5 while “unloaded” and not drop below […]

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HAI Heli Expo 2022

We’re having a fantastic time and we’re ready for day 2 at Helicopter Association International in Dallas. We’re enjoying meeting old friends and many new faces too! We’ve even spotted our own products being used on many of the aircraft featured at the show – which is great to see. If you’re on the market for high quality mobile and portable ground power solutions, be sure to come and see the START PAC team over on stand 5921. For more information on the Heli Expo click here.

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Modern luxury – Interview with START PAC CEO Eve Storm

As the president of START PAC, a manufacturer of battery start packs and ground power units for aircraft, Eve Storm is proud to carry on the legacy that her parents began 25 years ago. On the (high) heels of announcing a new international and domestic scholarship program, the multi-talented industry leader sheds light on her impressive background and her commitment to being the best. HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN THE AVIATION AND AEROSPACE INDUSTRY? My mother, Judith Wurth, and stepfather, James Wurth, created the company 25 years ago when he got stranded in the Arizona desert in his helicopter with a dead battery. I was in graduate school working on my doctorate in clinical psychology when I was diagnosed with cancer and started helping with the accounting during recovery. It was then that I realized I wanted to finish my master’s degree but really wanted to work full time […]

NBAA 2021 – START PAC & ZEN Pilot

Eve Storm, President at START PAC, met with Robert DeLaurentis (AKA Zen Pilot) at the NBAA 2021 event this year. Although a much quieter event than usual due to covid restrictions, we’re excited to announce that will be collaborating with Robert on a project that will be out of this world! We genuinely can’t wait to share more details with you, so be sure to subscribe to our email list for future announcements. In the meantime, check out Roberts website and follow him on his adventures around the world

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START PAC is classed as an essential supplier and will remain open during CV19

In chaotic and uncertain times like these, you need an officially approved, essential supplier to keep your freight moving. Families will still need food, hospitals will still need supplies, our infrastructure will still need to keep flowing. As an officially recognized and fully committed proven established partner, we support each and every Railroad and Aviation company that needs to get their engines started in order to help bring the world what it needs to survive. Together we will overcome the current challenges and move forward towards a brighter, better and healthier future for everyone’s families. START PAC: We help keep the world moving.