START PAC® Launch “Green Machine”, Its New Environmentally Friendly Ground Unit!


START PAC®, the world leader in ground power units has designed the Green Machine (patent pending), a unique modular battery-powered ground power unit to replace diesel- and gas-powered units. The new Green Machine has been launched with the aim of replacing diesel power units (GPU), whilst providing the same service to create a greener working environment. This GPU is entirely battery-powered and does not require an internal combustion engine for power.  The majority of non-transport aircraft operate on the 24-volt direct current system (VDC). These aircraft need to be powered up for ground-based operations and their onboard batteries are inadequate, therefore there is a need for an external power supply source from a ground power unit. Currently, most GPUs are powered with diesel engines, which are loud, environment-polluting, expensive to run and maintain. To address this problem, airports worldwide are requiring diesel- and gas-powered units to be replaced with battery-powered […]