Military Aircraft and Tank jump Starting power supplies and GPUs

Military Aircraft Ground Power Units (GPU) & Engine Start Power Supplies

Our range of portable power supply units, also referred to as aircraft jump starter packs, are purpose built to start and power all small to medium size turbine engine aircraft.  Ultra compact, our lithium units weigh in at 42 percent lighter and 32 percent smaller than the equivalent capacity lead-acid units; a lithium portable power supply unit also offers twice the battery life of lead-acid batteries with zero sulfation, ensuring reliable power, when you need it.

Not sure which portable starting unit you need?  Call START PAC and we will help you find the 26 or 24 volt power supply you’re looking for which is most suitable for you and your vehicle.  START PAC doesn’t limit itself to providing portable power supply units; we also manufacture low-cost ground power units.  Available in both 24- and 28-volt models, our portable ground power units (or GPUs) are designed to withstand repeated starts and will become part of your essential toolkit when carrying out Aircraft maintenance procedures.

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