Power Supplies for Construction & Mining

On worksites, heavy construction and mining equipment is one of the most valuable assets; if machinery does not start in the morning, then nothing happens.

You want all your equipment up and running whenever you need it; it’s not just a question of deadlines and late delivery fees, it’s a question of the pride you take in your work and the integrity you demonstrate to your customers. Don’t let a dead battery sabotage your hard work, not when there is a simple solution like StartPac®. Simply provide your operators and maintenance teams with one of our portable starting units and you will have secured all your heavy duty engine starts and strengthened your workforce considerably. Most heavy duty equipment is used in remote locations and due to its size, it’s not like dealing with the usual vehicle; you can’t just dash into the nearest repair shop for a quick battery change. Additionally, it can be extremely tricky to jump start heavy duty engines with another vehicle when batteries are already depleted. Let’s face it, changing batteries on site is challenging. However, jump starting them doesn’t have to be; let StartPac be the newest, most reliable member of your team.

Portable Starting Units

START PAC® will provide you with the jump starting solution you need.

All START PAC® products come with a
1-year warranty on workmanship
and materials.

Please handle this unit in a responsible manner. START PAC® is not responsible for damages caused by misuse or neglect.

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