High Power Jump Starting Batteries for Long Haul Trucks and Buses

Maintaining a reliable power supply is crucial, especially if it’s pivotal to your business’ success running trucks or buses. Fail at this and you run the risk of losing business. Picture this: your truck doesn’t start on the morning of a mission critical haulage project. Now imagine that it doesn’t start, but you have a START PAC® starting unit.


Portable Starting Units

START PAC® will provide you with the jump starting solution you need.

Why you need starting batteries for long haul trucks and buses?

Transforming Truck Cabs into Comfortable Mobile Homes for Long-Haul Drivers
Long haul truck drivers spend the night on the road several days a week; the truck is their second home and will be organized to be as comfortable as it can possibly be. Their cab could be installed with a TV set, a DVD player or a satellite antenna, a microwave or even an oven, a coffee machine, a blender, a fan or any other type of electrical equipment.
Navigating the Challenges of Electronics in Long-Haul Truck Cabs
Just like you and me, a truck driver will want to recharge their smart phone after calling family and friends or use a game console. In the majority of countries, it’s against the law to keep the engine running when parked in order to maintain the truck’s battery and, in any case, it would not be environmentally or economically friendly to do so. All these electrical devices therefore, will have to pull directly on the onboard battery if they’re to be used.
The Morning Struggles of Long-Haul Truck Drivers and the Dual Battery Dilemma
There’s a downside to being so comfortable in your cab; many truck drivers consequently get stuck in the morning because their starting battery has been depleted and it’s no longer capable of starting their engine. This issue is so common, that, in order to prevent it, truck manufacturers are now thinking about developing electrical architectures with dual batteries: one dedicated to starting the engine and one for all the creature comfort equipment. However, your truck might not have been updated yet.
The High Stakes of Timely Starts in the Trucking Industry
The ramifications of an engine unable to start can hit your business hard. For example, a temperature controlled, long haul truck delivering perishable goods to the international market risks losing its cargo. No matter what goods you’re carrying, being late is never good for a trucker’s image and quality of service. Some customers will not accept late deliveries and could apply penalties or even worse, reject the truck load, meaning a wasted journey, wasted time and wasted products.
The Essential Role of START PAC® in Rescuing Long-Haul Truck Drivers from Morning Starting Woes
Keeping a portable START PAC starting unit in one of the truck’s storage compartments will save you time and money. It will also give you peace of mind. There need be no scrabbling around to find a colleague willing and able to lend you his truck and cables so you can jump start your own engine, if indeed, there are other trucks around at all. Plus, it’s not always possible to park a second vehicle in the right position so that jumper cables can reach batteries. If you have a START PAC® starting unit however, all you have to do is plug it onto your 24 volt battery pack and then hit the road.
The Time-Saving Assurance of START PAC® Starting Units
Of course, buses do not carry goods but people and usually, people don’t like to be late. Being stuck in the depot because you haven’t been able to start the bus engine in the morning will have a knock on effect that inconveniences your customers and messes up your day’s planning. It will also very likely make you feel stressed. Not only that, the schedule manager will be upset, your customers furious – or even worse, furiously resigned – and your workshop manager won’t thank you as he has to run around locating a spare set of replacement batteries. Once again, relax and let START PAC® come to your rescue. Having one of our starting units in your workshop will ensure that every morning start for your fleet is on time, even if an engine doesn’t start immediately. START PAC® is an insurance policy that definitely pays out!

All START PAC® products come with a
1-year warranty on workmanship
and materials.

Please handle this unit in a responsible manner. START PAC® is not responsible for damages caused by misuse or neglect.

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