Aircraft & Vehicle Starting Units, Power Packs & Trolleys

START PAC®’s starting unit range of high power batteries are capable of starting any type of electrically started engine.  We understand that your aircraft is voltage sensitive, meaning that the over voltage protection relay is set low and, on most aircraft, doesn’t allow you to use a 28V jump starter.  Consequently, we have developed 26V solutions for:

  • Any helicopter turbine or piston engine
  • Aircraft, including small aeroplanes right up to the largest business-class jet
  • Any kind of truck, heavy goods or bus diesel engine
  • Any type of diesel powered locomotive engine, such as freight trains
  • Any type of heavy construction vehicle or mining equipment engine, such as dump trucks, tippers and large earth movers
  • Any heavy duty, electrically started engine used in the military, including tanks and large SUVs
Starting Power Supplies for Aircraft & Heavy Machinery

Portable Lead Acid Starting Units

12 volt DC aircraft portable hand held power supply unit START PAC Micro
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