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25 Amp power supply
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When Failure isn’t an Option, choose START PAC™

The world’s leading manufacturer of Portable Ground Power Units &
Starting Power Supplies for Aircraft, Locomotive & Heavy Machinery


When Failure isn’t an Option, choose START PAC™

The world’s leading manufacturer of Portable Ground Power Units & Starting Power Supplies for Aircraft, Locomotive & Heavy Machinery

Aircraft power supplies and GPUs


Aircraft power supplies and GPUs


Locomotive jump starting power supplies and GPUs


Military Aircraft and Tank jump Starting power supplies and GPUs


Construction jump start batteries power supplies and GPUs


jump start batteries for large haulage trucks lorries



Our Core Product Range

START PAC is a family-owned, American company based in Las Vegas.  Since 1997, the START PAC team has led the way in manufacturing and supplying the world’s most efficient, robust and cost effective range of portable and mobile ground power units and battery packs for jump starting aircraft – aeroplanes and helicopters – or any type of heavy duty engine.

START PAC® Portable Power Units, Ground Power Units & Starting Units Manufacturer

Our primary goal at START PAC has always been the production of reliable, efficient and long-lasting, American-made ground power units, lightweight starting units for portable power and portable power supplies.  We continue to lead the way in using the newest and safest technology available.

The START PAC product catalog includes state-of-the-art portable starting units, ground power units and power supplies. Our portable power units include compact starting units powered by lithium batteries, as well as lead acid portable starting units.  Need a portable Lithium ion starting unit?  Not a problem.  START PAC can provide you with powerful portable lithium starting units featuring twin battery packs.  Our cutting-edge ground power units include self-propelled, diesel-electric hybrid units, locomotive units and units designed for starting large turbine engines.  Our power supplies are second to none.  START PAC manufactures efficient power supplies including 24 volt power supply units designed to power up 24 volt aircraft systems.

Family Owned Business with a Global Support Network

In addition to providing our customers with superior products, we offer equally superior customer support.  We enjoy sharing our extensive knowledge with you; this is why we offer informative online tutorials on a wide range of subjects, from portable power pack units to voltmeters and much, much more.  It’s a fact that the entire team at START PAC is willing and available to answer all of your portable power supply questions, including providing you with well-informed product recommendations.  Maybe you have a question about your order or billing statement?   Our talented sales and marketing team is also standing by to assist you.

Whether you need to find the right Ground Power Unit for your aircraft, or require assistance with your online order, contact START PAC today and enjoy our highly professional, highly personalized customer service.

Superior Support

START PAC boasts an in-house team of highly trained experts to ensure you get the most from your power supply.

Global Network

Our international dealership network ensures that you will always have access to localized support and fast delivery.


ISO9001 Certified

Our ISO 9001 certification is proof that we meet customers' needs within statutory and regulatory requirements.

Unparalleled Quality

Our Ground Power Units, Starting Batteries and Power Supplies go through stringent testing and quality control throughout all stages of production.


Trusted Globally

Our products are trusted by private & commercial aviation, military, law enforcement, rail, construction and more.

Clean Power, When you Need it

Utilizing the latest in patented technology, our heavy duty power supplies are field tested to withstand environments where other units would fail.


Made in the USA

Founded in 1997 and family-owned, our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

Quality Assurance

One year warranty, end to end quality control, full oversight of our dealership network combined with unparalleled customer support.


Trusted Partners

START PAC products are trusted by Aviation, Law Enforcement, Government and Military, Agriculture, Locomotive and numerous private sector industries across the globe.  Proud of the company we keep, our business has been built on a solid network of trusted partners and suppliers enabling START PAC to remain at the very forefront of portable Ground Power Unit and Power Supply technology.

START PAC News & Case Studies

Breast Cancer Awareness – West Ham United women release new pink shirt in support of Breast Cancer Now


START PAC is not only a women led business, but our President Eve is a cancer survivor herself, so this campaign means a lot to us here at START PAC HQ. West Ham United women’s team have bought out a limited edition shirt to help support and raise awareness for Breast Cancer. All profits from shirt sales go to the charity, and they raised an amazing $26,000 last year so lets help them smash it

West Ham United’s women’s team announce new partnership with START PAC


West Ham United’s women’s team announce new partnership with START PAC West Ham United women’s team is delighted to announce START PAC as its newest official partner. START PAC’s President, Eve Storm, is a strong advocate of promoting women in business, particularly in male-dominated industries, which is part of START PAC’s ethos, in an industry where 97% are male. START PAC is a family-owned company, based in the United States of America, that manufactures portable

Medevac Air Rescue – Mobile Ground Power Units

Case Studies, Ground Power Units|

Medivac Air Rescue - Mobile Ground Power Units Time and tide wait for no one, as we all know too well, and in the field of emergency medicine no truer words have been spoken; every single minute is vital and often, even a matter of seconds can mean the difference between a person being saved and the devastation of a life cut short. Medical emergencies are a race against time Being up against the clock

Cessna – from Car Sales to Aircraft Pioneer


Cessna Aircraft – from American Car Sales to Global Aviation Pioneer Well over a hundred years ago, when aviation was in its absolute infancy, a car salesman called Clyde Cessna witnessed a flying machine for himself and was wonderstruck. The Wright brothers had proved that flight was possible only seven years previously, but, undeterred, Cessna sold his car dealership and invested all his money in an airplane kit. In June 1911, on his thirteenth attempt

Aircraft Safety – Mobile GPU for Remote Locations

Ground Power Units|

Aircraft Safety - Mobile GPU for Remote Locations Remote air strips: three reasons why your airplane should carry a GPU In the United States there are tens of thousands of places to land light aircraft.  No matter whether the flying machine of your choice is an airplane or helicopter, from the frozen reaches of Alaska down to the warm waters of Key West and every place in between, the possibilities are endless. And we’re not

Case Study Talkeetna Air Taxi, Alaska | Ground Power Units

Case Studies, Ground Power Units|

Talkeetna Air Taxi is no ordinary air service. Known throughout Alaska as ‘The Glacier Landing Company” it gives visitors the opportunity to access some of the most spectacular scenery in the USA. TAT’s ‘flightseeing’ tours mean that you can witness the remote magnificence of Denali National Park – many parts unreachable by foot or by road – and experience its incredible landscape of glaciers, peaks, icefalls and meltwater pools for yourself.

START PAC is classed as an essential supplier and will remain open during CV19


In chaotic and uncertain times like these, you need an officially approved, essential supplier to keep your freight moving. Families will still need food, hospitals will still need supplies, our infrastructure will still need to keep flowing. As an officially recognized and fully committed proven established partner, we support each and every Railroad and Aviation company that needs to get their engines started in order to help bring the world what it needs to survive.

What is a Ground Power Unit (GPU)?

Ground Power Units|

Ground Power Unit, or GPU for short, is the name given to power supply equipment that provides clean power for both maintenance and engine starting aircraft that are on the ground. A GPU, much unlike your average household power supply, is unique in that it provides a very specific “ripple free” or “clean” voltage, this ensures sensitive avionics and control systems within the Aircraft are protected during powered maintenance and engine starting operations.

START PAC Ground Power Units – Official Sponser of Red Bull Air Racing!

Case Studies|

START PAC becomes an official sponsor for the Red Bull Air Racing team pilot Kirby Chambliss. The Li2800QC will ensure that Red Bull uses its wings to continue to put on some of the most exciting international flying in the world.


START PAC Innovations Lead the Way


Product List


Portable Starting Units – Lead Acid Portable Starting Units – Lithium Mobile starting Units – Lead Acid Ground Power Units Quick Change Ground Power Units  Power Supplies




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