START PAC Spare Parts and Accessories

START PAC offers a variety of accessories for its ground power units and portable starting units. These include:

  1. The START PAC® QC trolley, which allows for easier mobility of our larger portable starting units at your home base.  Available in two parts, the START PAC trolley features durable ball bearing 10 inch pneumatic tires.
  2. Our voltage reduction unit is for use with aircraft such as the Eclipse 500, Phenom100, AW139, Sikorsky S76 or other models that require voltage reduction.
  3. The START PAC® Portable Power Supply is a 24V unit that can be used to power up aircraft systems.
  4. Our entire line of accessories is listed below.

Browse our products to find the accessories you need.  Excluding batteries, all of our products come with a one-year guarantee, that’s on both workmanship and materials.  Please ensure that you handle all units responsibly.  Whether you’re searching for a diesel electric hybrid GPU or a QC trolley, START PAC guarantees quality, long-lasting products at competitive prices.

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