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Our range of portable power supply units also referred to as aircraft jump starter packs, are purpose-built to start and power all small to medium-sized turbine engine aircraft. Ultra-compact, our lithium units weigh in at 42 percent lighter and 32 percent smaller than the equivalent capacity lead-acid units. A lithium portable power supply unit also offers twice the battery life of lead-acid batteries with zero sulfation, ensuring reliable power when you need it.

Not sure which portable starting unit you need? Call START PAC® and we will help you find the 26 or 24 volt power supply you’re looking for that is most suitable for you and your vehicle. START PAC® doesn’t limit itself to providing portable power supply units; we also manufacture low-cost ground power units. Available in both 24- and 28-volt models, our portable ground power units (or GPUs) are designed to withstand repeated starts and will become part of your essential toolkit when carrying out aircraft maintenance procedures.

Portable & Mobile Starting Units for Military Aircraft

Lead Acid Starting Units

Lithium Starting Units

Military Aircraft
Portable Ground
Power Units (GPU)

All START PAC® products come with a
1-year warranty on workmanship
and materials.

Please handle this unit in a responsible manner. START PAC® is not responsible for damages caused by misuse or neglect.

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