Medevac Air Rescue – Mobile Ground Power Units

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Medivac Air Rescue - Mobile Ground Power Units Time and tide wait for no one, as we all know too well, and in the field of emergency medicine no truer words have been spoken; every single minute is vital and often, even a matter of seconds can mean the difference between a person being saved

Case Study Talkeetna Air Taxi, Alaska | Ground Power Units

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Talkeetna Air Taxi is no ordinary air service. Known throughout Alaska as ‘The Glacier Landing Company” it gives visitors the opportunity to access some of the most spectacular scenery in the USA. TAT’s ‘flightseeing’ tours mean that you can witness the remote magnificence of Denali National Park – many parts unreachable by foot or by road – and experience its incredible landscape of glaciers, peaks, icefalls and meltwater pools for yourself.

START PAC Ground Power Units – Official Sponser of Red Bull Air Racing!

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START PAC becomes an official sponsor for the Red Bull Air Racing team pilot Kirby Chambliss. The Li2800QC will ensure that Red Bull uses its wings to continue to put on some of the most exciting international flying in the world.

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