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Model 3324 – 50A

Mobile 24V 50A Aircraft GPU

Clean, dependable and long lasting, START PAC’s Model 3324-50A is designed for ground use to give you the capability to perform multiple starting and maintenance functions on both airplanes and helicopters. This unit has a combination of a large battery pack for extensive engine starting and a power supply for avionics.


Combination GPU model reference3324/50A
Battery typeLead acid
Voltage24 VDC
Peak Current3200 A
Capacity @10 Amp Rate84 Ah
Charger typeBuilt in
Charging time range1 to 9 hours
Maximum Continuous Current output58
DC voltage output28.5 VDC
AC voltage input110 VAC or 220 VAC
AC current input at maximum DC power output16 A @110VAC, 8 A @220VAC
Forced air-coolingYes
Over current protectionYes
Over voltage protectionYes
Over temperature protectionYes
Complete Weight215lbs / 97.5kg
Dimensions – Length x Width x Height38″ x 21″ xH20″ 96.5 x 53.3 x 50.8 cm

With its high battery capacity (84Ah) and its integrated 58A power supply, this full 24V mobile START PAC® is ideal for starting multiple aircraft and powering up the cockpit for training, maintenance or software downloads. It can be used in remote locations using battery power alone and give extended time for cockpit maintenance checkout. Its large battery capacity will allow extended usage time when no AC power source is available.

Able to perform multiple turbine or piston engine starts, this START PAC® unit will allow your turbine engines to experience faster and cooler engine starts than with most ship’s aircraft batteries (the turbine is spooled to more revolutions per second before fuel is injected). Thus, turbine life will be extended because there is less stress on the starter and other engine components. This will preserve the aircraft’s costly batteries and help lower operating costs. When using your START PAC’s integrated power supply, you save the on-board battery for emergency use only. As a START PAC® secures all your engine starts, this unit will ensure that you have no downtime.

The environmentally responsible, low VOC powder coating protects the case from wear, tear and poor weather conditions. Additionally, an all-weather cover accessory is also available as an option for this unit in order to protect it further from inclement weather to gain the maximum performance and product life.

Additionally, START PAC® custom manufacture units in various combinations of batteries and power supplies to meet our customer’s exact requirements.


This mobile GPU is rated at 3200 peak starting amps and a continuous 58 Amp DC output when connected to a 110 Volt or 220 Volt AC source.

The unit has a large battery capacity (84 Ah) that will allow extended usage time, even when no AC power source is available.

The 3324 weighs 215 lbs. and can be pulled by hand or tug; locking the handle in an upright position sets the GPU brake.

Always recharge the GPU until the green charger light appears. Once charged, it is not necessary to leave the unit turned on. If a heater is installed, leave the unit plugged in.

Avoid discharging the batteries completely as damage could result.

We also carry portable starting units powered by lithium batteries, other GPUs and power supplies. If you would like more information about the products featured on this page, please submit a brochure request and we will be happy to mail you a hard copy.


There are approximately thirty 110 volt and thirty 220 volt NEMA plugs in use with this unit. Additionally, customers will have differing receptacles at their hangars and MRO facilities and may require specific AC cord lengths in order to meet their requirements. Consequently, we do not automatically provide AC power cords. However, for a small fee, if you provide the NEMA plug number and specify the AC power cord length you require, we will build a cord to be shipped with your unit.