Locomotive jump starting power supplies and GPUs

Jump Starters & Safe Batteries for Locomotives

Throughout the ages, the locomotive industry has developed different types of propulsion systems.  For many reasons, electric locomotives tend to be today’s preferred solution for most applications (electric motor efficiency, more power for equivalent weight and dimension, train speed capacity, lower maintenance, regenerative braking, lower noise, lower operating cost, more eco friendly).  However, when travelling at low speeds, tractive effort is more important than power, so diesel engines are still competitive when it comes to pulling slow freight traffic.  Moreover, the level of electrification can vary tremendously between regions and not all tracks are equipped with electric power lines.  As a consequence, many diesel-powered locomotives are still out in the field and they need batteries to run.

START PAC® engineers have developed a specific range to answer the two main diesel locomotives’ needs for electrical power:


Railroad traffic operators want to make sure all their rolling stock will start properly and not get stuck on tracks, disrupting the rest of the rail traffic.  START PAC® starting units spare you the nightmare of late running trains because the locomotive battery is not sufficiently charged or capable of starting the engine.

The START PAC® locomotive range is designed to start engines up to 6000 horse power and, not only that, it is capable of meeting multiple daily locomotive engine starting requirements.

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